"Helping you achieve a high quality finish"

Our friendly and experienced design team offer practical advice to help you achieve the design of your dreams

Design, Planning & Advice

Helping you to achieve the high quality finish that you desire that suits your exact requirements, Tiverton Tile can offer you expert advice on the design and planning of your tiling.

Our friendly and experienced design team can provide you with the very best design advice and help you achieve the perfect finish

From using the best adhesive to choosing the right size tiles for the room, Tiverton Tiles’ team of experts can offer you their knowledge and experience ensuring that the tiles you choose suit the temperature of the room, look their best under the lighting you have and suitable for your intended use.

From glossy tiles that bounce light around the room to antislip tiles suited for use in wet conditions, Tiverton Tiles can help you of make the best informed decision on the design and plan of your tiling. Are they to going to be laid portrait, landscape and with tight joints? This can greatly affect the design of your tiling and the best products to use.

Professionally designed and installed tiling can make a room feel bigger, enhancing the atmosphere and overall appearance. The size of tile used can also affect the appearance as they can make a room feel bigger or smaller.

  • Expert design advice and expertise
  • From glossy tiles to practical, anti-slip solutions
  • Professionally designed and installed
  • We can help you achieve a quality finish