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Advice on how to keep your new tiles looking as good as the day they were installed.

Tile Maintenance

Choosing the right tile to suit your exact requirements can make the maintenance of your tiling much easier, cost effect and time efficient.

Tips on how to maintain your new floor and wall tiles.

Porcelain tiles have the advantage of around 30% more strength, providing more durability as they receive fewer scratches and are less likely to get chipped or broken.
If you want a cheaper floor in a wider range of sizes then choose limestone tiles that provide a natural high quality finish.

Stone tiling will require resealing and polished in order to stay in good condition whereas porcelain tiles are tougher, unable to be scratched, stained or develop traffic marks with gradual wear and tear.

A higher quality tile will require less maintenance, meaning that you can spend your time enjoying the space rather than cleaning or carrying out repairs.